Bridging the Transportation Gap in Toggenburg

The Toggenburg region is located in the eastern part of Switzerland. This mountainous area is known for its natural beauty, traditional farming practices, and rich cultural heritage. The Toggenburg region encompasses several valleys, including the Toggenburg Valley itself.

In December, the people of Toggenburg received a special gift: the introduction of the on-demand transport service by mybuxi. Since its launch, an electric minibus (minivan) has been traversing these communities in the evenings and nights, with a total of 220 stops.

Now, the service is offering daily operations from 08:00 to 23:00 This expanded time frame allows individuals to have flexible options for commuting, whether it be for work, social outings, or other engagements.

This service aims to bridge the gap between different parts of the region, connecting sparse areas to create a cohesive transportation network. One significant link facilitated by this service is between the highlands and the main artery of the region, the River Thur. Moreover, the service offers connectivity to key destinations within the region, including the ski areas and the train station in Nesslau.

By providing transportation services that span across different elevations and terrains, residents can easily access various parts of the region without the constraints of geography hindering their mobility.

In essence, locals can now enjoy greater flexibility in their travel arrangements, with improved access to essential destinations and facilities. This comprehensive transportation solution not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also fosters greater connectivity and cohesion within the community.

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