New Driver App

Shotl’s new Driver App now has brand new features designed to enhance driver experience and is now available on any Smartphone.

At Shotl, we want to improve existing public transport systems in order to reduce private car ownership, while providing easy access to more flexible and convenient transportation. Shotl’s innovative technology is based on a collective ridership platform that utilizes an extensive moving network of minibuses.

The initial development of the first Driver App was only available for Apple iPad. Now, this new version can be downloaded on any Apple or Android device; either tablet or smartphone. The purpose of the new multi-device and multi-platform upgrade is to allow all drivers to use their preferred system without having to purchase new equipment.

But that’s not all; We’ve also improved some of the features to make driver experience much better overall:

  • Multi-passenger: drivers can group passengers when picking them up or dropping them off. This speeds up the loading process while facilitating and assisting in the overall operation. For example, in the case where an onboard user might request an early drop-off.
  • Your driver is here: this feature is connected with the one above. As drivers are now able to group many actions in one, various users can receive one single notification at the same time; informing them that their vehicle is at the pick-up location.
  • Embedded navigator: Previously, the route navigation software was an additional application, whilst being able to interact with the driver’s management console it meant running two applications. Now the route navigation is embedded within the Driver App, which eliminates the need to switch between two systems.
  • Brand new design: A smaller screen shouldn’t mean compromised experience. We’ve adapted our design to devices that are much smaller than an iPad Mini. We’ve also added a scroll feature so you can easily adjust the screen without losing any detail

At Shotl we know that technology is changing the world and is moving faster every day, that’s why we are continuously developing our apps and adapting them to best suit our users’ and drivers’ needs and requests.

Download the new Shotl Driver App by clicking on the following links: 

If you’re interested in receiving more information about our technology or if you want to know more about what’s coming next, please contact us at

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